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The Life of Keenan

Going at a speedy 15 Hz

Keenan Whittaker
3 December 1976
3d graphics, a universal perspective, ai, algorithms, aliens, american politics, amsterdam, anne mccaffrey, arnprior, artificial life, bette midler, biking, biofeedback, bisexuality, board games, books, britain, buckminster fuller, buffy the vampire slayer, c#, camping, canada, canadian politics, cellular automata, chaos theory, civil rights, cognitive science, computer art, counting crows, dancing, democracy, dispensing advice, diversity, dragons, drum & bass, entanglement, equivalence classes, escher, esp, ethan hawke, europe, ewan mcgregor, fantasy, fractals, français, futurism, futurists, gay, genetics, ghandi, hiking, hypnotism, india, individuality, jon stewart, kirlian photography, linguistics, lisp, london, love, magic, math, matt damon, moulin rouge, music, mysticism, nanotechnology, neurons, north american politics, number theory, ockham's razor, ontario, orson scott card, parallel dimensions, parallel universes, people watching, philosophy, photography, physics, pi, piers anthony, playing the piano, playing the trumpet, politics, prime numbers, programmable matter, programming, psychology, puzzles, quantum dots, quantum physics, real people, reisling, robin williams, roswell, rpgs, running, san diego, sandra bullock, sarah michelle gellar, savage garden, sci-fi, science, seattle, six feet under, soccer, sociology, spider-man, spirituality, stephen sondheim, swimming, technology, temporal spheres, the daily show, time travel, toronto, travel, university of waterloo, vampires, vancouver, volleyball, website design, working out, writing, x-men