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The Life of Keenan
Going at a speedy 15 Hz
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Life has been going well and I successfully navigated through the depression via both 'Peace is Every Breath' and the beginning of 'The Power of Now', specifically the line that states, "You are not your mind".  

Dating is fun. I'm eating healthier, have a professional trying to sell my car for me, and I'm doing quite decently overall, biking both days this past weekend and will either bike or swim (or both!) this afternoon.  

Filling my head with good thoughts, at least trying to.  Hard in this world.
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Might it not be that I'm not afraid of making money, but that I fear success? That seems much more at the root of my problem...
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I sit, pondering about the universe around me. I have found a way to type with my iPad above me one-handed as I now lie down in the grass in the backyard. All it took was using the bench as a stabilizer for one corner. It's wooden, so it doesn't interfere with the electric signals my hands make.

I have my bike now so I have free transportation across the city once I get the bike tires pumped up again. It's been well over two months since I left my aunt's and able to ride it.

I wonder if it is advertising that is the root of so many of society's ills as james suggests. It certainly contributes. It is slightly ironic that I am writing up a media press release for the non-profit I'm helping, given that I've purposely eradicated most forms of media from my life.

I wonder if I'll bike throughout the winter. It is coming, or so I've heard.

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The playful squirrels enjoy themselves contentedly on the lawn, often taunting much bigger animals into chasing them up a tree, but one day, and they never know which one, they will be caught and their tempting will come to an end.... Or they'll just sleep for the cold season, awaiting the warmth again.
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What a busy day! Took a tour at the 519 and discovered a great volunteer opportunity for me. Met up with my best friend from when I was 8 years old and he treated me to dinner at a Japanese restaurant, and then stopped in at the GayGamers Board Game event (but it was so packed, I felt uncomfortable playing anything). But definitely going to Rock Band on Saturday unless something weird comes up!  Haven't made it to Brampton to collect some of my stuff because the weather is horrible - if anyone would like to help me get at my keyboard (that somehow made it to the back of the storage unit which wasn't my intention at all), please give me a shout.  New place still goes really well; I love being downtown again. It may be more difficult when I sell my car and escaping the city will be more difficult, but that's what the island and Don ravine is for.
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Just freaked out a raccoon that was making far too much noise outside my window. I trapped it and it growled at me as it fruitlessly hunted for a way to escape. I let it saunter along past me after a bit and I don't think it'll be back to disturb me tonight. But I saw a few out there: I hope they communicate the precariousness of the window position.

Current Location: Canada, Ontario, St. James Town

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After spending a week in my trailer outside of Perth, Ontario, I have found a renewed sense of direction. I had forgotten just how much I love kids and how much they love me.  It was fun playing games with them throughout the week and I was well-liked by just about all of them, surprisingly even the girls.  

I have decided I am going to apply for disability this week.  Definitely, as in, yes, I am going to do this.  But also, I am going to start focusing on my business in a real way. I am going to find people who need computer help in different shapes and forms and then help them for some money or in-kind payment.  I can do this.  I can help with a wide variety of computer problems, so this should be possible.  Just have to find people interested in my help.  If anyone knows of anyone in Ontario who needs computer help and is willing to pay, please send them my way.
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I have a friend working on lyrics that I'm going to put music to. This is awesome. Will need to create melody and then go from there, adding a beat and maybe a bass line and some strings.

Current Location: Ottawa

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Awesome day so far. Been swimming, walking, biking and relaxing, and playing with phone and computers while listening to music.  Much further on my way to my goal of doing a triathlon in 5 years that I made about a year ago off the cuff and didn't really commit to.  I now weigh about what I weighed when I finished university, 128 pounds.
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